Frequently Asked Questions and Their Corresponding Answers

Want to get to know our company first before you decide on the service that you will be booking from us? As a professional mover, we understand that you have your concerns and we are ready to address them for you so that you can entrust your items to All Around Movers Charlotte. Before you call for inquiries, take the time to look through below. We’ve compiled frequently asked questions and we’ve proceeded to answer all of them for you. Refer to them if you have questions about our moving service.

How long have you been providing these services?

We started All Around Movers Charlotte as a company back in 2000 so we have been around for quite some time now. This along with our 21 years of experience further solidifies our claim as an unrivaled professional mover in the area. Expect excellent results because of it.

What are the services exactly?

We offer different services which include moving, relocation, and even storage services. We can even provide moving trucks if you are in need of them.

I am looking into relocating my office, do you also offer these services to commercial clients?

Absolutely. You can turn to us if you are planning on relocating your business operations in Huntersville, NC. Our office moving service is the right service for you.

What are the options for me to pay for the service?

You can pay for our services via cash or checks, whichever is the easiest for you.

When are you available for me to call?

We are available every day of the week. Call us during our office hours starting at 7:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening.

Will I need to book an appointment?

There’s no need to book an appointment. Just call us and we’ll provide the moving service that you need so that you can finally move out of your place in Huntersville, NC and into your new home.

What makes you different from the other companies that offer these same services?

Our team provides an exceptional moving service at a fair price. So, not only do we provide top-quality moving services, you’d be saving money as well as opposed to hiring other companies that offer these services at a higher price.

I have fragile items. Will you be able to move them safely

Absolutely. We have the right tools and we are trained to handle precious cargo, office equipment, and musical instruments. We’ll pack them properly and handle them with care so that they will not get damaged during the entire moving process.

Were these the answers that you were looking for? If you are ready to book our services, call us so that we can set a schedule. If you have some questions still, you can go ahead and call us at (704) 218-8079. We’ll answer them for you so that you can finally decide on the service that you will be getting from us. There’s no need to hesitate. We’ll help you as much as we can so that your concerns will be completely addressed.