How to Save Money When Moving out of State

Learn How to Stretch Your Moving & Storage Budget before You Hire Professionals

Long distance moving projects can be very stressful. Besides all the things that you need to do, including uncluttering, sorting, and packing your stuff, you should also think about the costs involved in a moving process. Make no mistake, long distance moves can be quite expensive. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no ways of saving money when moving. As professional movers, we’ve helped many families relocate, so we are confident to say that we have a lot of experience in the business. Our experience taught us that the following guidelines can help you keep your moving costs to a minimum.

Proper planning

A long distance move involves four phases: packing and preparing, moving & storage, and setting up in the new home. For the packing process, you’ll need a list of all the things that can make the process faster and more efficient. For instance, try to find as many boxes as possible. Purchase tape, markers, labels, bubble wrap, and anything else that you may need to properly pack your belongings. The sooner you start the preparation process, the better.


You must understand that every moving project requires a minimum investment. In order to determine your minimum budget, you must create a list with all the services you will be needing during the moving process. Obviously, the biggest expense will be your movers. However, keep in mind that a true mover can actually help you save money. So, this is an area where you should not cut corners.

Lose the clutter

Whether you choose a moving & storage provider or a self-service container, you will be charged by the amount of things you’re moving. In other words, the less things you take with you, the cheaper your moving service will be.

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